Designated hitters or DH for short are only used in the American League.

Some people think that this position is useless and think pitchers should bat just like in the National League. Others say that this position is good, that it gives another player the chance to play.

If you have a designated hitter like Jim Thome then the position is use less. Usualy a DH either hits a home run or nothing at all. Jim Thome is a perfect example.

Jim Thome has not been doing good this season. Sure he has sixteen home runs but that is terible for a guy who gets so much publicity. It may be that all the reporters always asking him questions is making him feel uneasy at the plate? Well we may never know.

Jim Thome is just one of many designated hitters that need to step up there game. Especialy if they play for the Chicago White Sox the best baseball team the world has ever known.

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