White Sox need to step it up!!!

The first half of the season is almost over and the White Sox are leading there division. Yes that's a good thing but there are some facts to consider.

Fact #1: The Tampa Bay Devil Rays

One word describes this team, unstopable. The Sox have only managed to win one game against them out of six. The Rays are taking this season by force. If they aren't stoped soon...it's all over for our Sox. Yes Boston may have gotten ahead of them in the standings but uh oh, there still a red hot baseball team.

Fact #2: The Chicago Cubs

Both Chicago teams are doing an outstanding job this season. The Sox are leading there division and the Cubs are leading thiers. Well when the White Sox went over to Wrigley for an interleague match they got swept. When the Cubs came to US Cellular Field the White Sox crushed them in all three games. Is this the year Chicago fans have been waiting for since 1906? A Chicago, Chicago World Series? Maybe.

Fact #3: The Bullpen

Finaly a fact not against the White Sox. The bullpen has been extrodinary. There selection of starting pitchers, relivers and thier closser #45 Bobby Jenks have been extrodinary. Striking out batters all year long, giving less hits and home runs. The White Sox even have the best team ERA in the Major Leagues! Well done White Sox bullpen...well done. Except, there is still a little bit of the first half of the season left and the whole second half. Let's hope the bullpen can make it threw.

This article was written on July 2, 2008 (I put this sentence down for no confussion in latter years.)

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