Joe Crede is an undefined baseball hero. He is the White Sox's star third basemen.

He can hit a home run in clutch situations. He can catch those line drives coming by him at one hundred miles per hour. He is In-Crede-able!

This man is truly one of baseball's undefined, underpaid players. He on the other hand is one of the best in baseball.

He made his Major League baseball debut on September 9, 2000. He was born on April 26, 1978 in Jefferson City, Missouri. He is six feet two inches tall, and weighs two hundred-thirty pounds and is a righty.

So far, he has hit 123 home runs in his career and has knocked in 413. All of that just mentioned in this paragraph over the course of 777 games! His career on base percentage is .309. His career slugging percentage is a phenomenal .451. Whenever he comes up to the plate they should have a wrestling announcer say, "From the White Sox, weighing in at two hundred-thirty pounds, lifetime slugging percentage of .451...Joe Crede!!!!" There is a definite chance that the pitches to come will be soaring over the outfield walls. His career batting average is not quite good, .259. That needs a little work.

The only bad thing about Crede is...he suffers from back spasms. Back spasms are when nerves in a person's back start to cramp.

The only thing left to say is, get out to US Cellular Field, sit down in the outfield stands and wait for one of Joe Crede's home runs that you are able to catch. Then mount the ball on your wall with a plaque saying, "This was Joe Crede's (# of home run), hit on (date)." Good luck to Joe Crede and the Chicago White Sox.

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