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Queen Armada April 7, 2012 User blog:Queen ArmadaWhite Sox can use this fundemental and play baseball as a great team.Change their team to this and play.J's shown what it looks like other than what Sox are on.

70's was a super era for every ML team.They had their dream players and lineups.Players and teams back then were many times more powerful than a babyboomer era team of late 80's.Roger Stark being Jim Tatti was long hair Mr.NY player and there were 3 more on the same team,Hernandez and Uncle Imthiaz.All of them high talent level.Strength and playing skills were past 100 just start for shortstop.They were all normal people above military from overseas.Immigrant Song by Led Zeppelin.All of the uncles and fathers were under 18th Century management and coaching staff,manager.Super players of such high senses.Batting was not the same as babyboomer batting.Best babyboomer batters as Darryl Strawberry had 70's in the batting,t.v. NL swing [2]Steve Trachsion space league Star Pirates my DadAdded by Queen Armadahomerun,Andre Dawson,Derek Bell.Johnny Beausyk was a great power hitter of Brew Crew.Put bat head infront of the ball and had many types of swing stances in one stance and change alter for inside and going down lines,pull and extension and codes from coaches.As for pitching.Many greats were erased.Every team had 17 game winner and that in modern day would be 30 games and low 3.00 era under.They were all crushing each other.They all had super players which is not an all star.Pitching had trick grips and hard throwing.Velocity with guile.Our fathers for my age group were able to beat their grandparents and ancestors as like a space league.Advancements and very intelligent managing master minds call play.They want a player as a play to hit a double land on second then a power hitter to drive him in.Then with distribution.Then green light go wild and controlled.Many of these managers are psychiatrists and great world leaders.They were the ghosts to us Dad.I want my daughter same gender as me Princess Armada to watch grandads league on t.v. only.Say their real names with the power and stats and play level they were.The real stats and real power and skill.Windups from back then,submarine arm Roy Hutchins of Pittsburgh,sidearm shortstop flick 100mph,fastball windup and sidearm.Baseball lost character from t.v.,acting,music and media,,military,law enforcement,NFL,NBA and pro Wrestling as it was a t.v. show as a games.Acting.Sports Illistrated.Higher level and lost intelligent codes they used to call to make it impossible as umpire uses codes,dugout and staff to players.Offense and defense.Speedy defense from powerhitters catching out the same as them,powerhitters and robbing infielders of hits.Uncles were great players under ancestors.Homerun derby and events,like ping pong throw.Hole in the Wall and more events with plastic laser tag.Stadiums the babyboomer expansion teams got.To the Florida Marlins and Tampa Rays.Secrets and can we stretch our bodies milestones to these techniques and secrets about my family members,uncles and Dad.Secrets but can they do them.Stretch batting and twist as for pitching.Lost them as Saddam Hussein was latino American Spanish Hernandez and did "Gangs of NY" switch playing Mr.NY.They were crafty and 80's which on t.v. changed but retained ghosts of 70's ML.Competitors that migrated back home around the world and Pacific to Caribbean to their island.Power level of most FBI agents and RCMP.They though were not born trained and were abnormal with talent.Music albums is history in rock of ML and playoffs.Regular season?Their real names and numbers and stats lost characteristics,erased them and some are buried in cemetary.Era they lived in 70's of New World North America and dangerous habits.And they got old and retired.They extended and played in minor league teams sent down to retire.Quit.Old age.Many 60's and 50's players playing eve of their career 70's.Names changed and players that looked like them different hat cap logo team and different position.Cold War brought them empty memories.They cut down big players on their teams to a few when they had 5 to 7 big players and in rotation.They made Reit lose games as they played better in 80's as 20 game winner more..500 pitchers get into 80's as Cy Young quality pitching and stats.Many players during the decades had their names same family of names but not big players like Speirs and Sparks as hitter.Names give us leads.Trachsel but a hitter.Rod Carew is not his name and the story they buttered up is not him and his team and they had a career as Oakland A.Tommy Lee Jones of Oakland and Steve Garvey of Oakland.Draft lottery shuffle every players real.Names and play changed in 70's.Some were hitters turned pitchers and reversed.Pitchers can and shortstop can pitch.Change of positions to batting and to mound.100mph plus and control of sliders and shuters.Precision at high velocity and change speed like in Aerosmith Night in Ruts.Bass is pitching.Soccer and FIFA.T.v.Propaganda.Fake league and games and they said space league.But there is Oakland A's in space and league alignment,NL teams were American league.Managing with codes to batter for offense immediately.The batter can jump feirce game of chess.Batting given greenlight to do a play at offense.Get the batters to do plays with runners.Code to do power and get a triple before.That is why they get bonus points and rewards for getting triple in a game and to hit twice.This is for plays in offense the 70's but early 80's mastered.Teams were not in records like KC Royals of early 80's could do this and match 70's.Twins of of early 80's had players that did this.Make your move in a board game.Do a trick and stunt.Plays in outfield.A club overall control on a baseball club.They they then come out with rules or plays.They control the fate of the club with archive of plays for each part of OF,IF,pitching,catcher and batters.Structure.Master plays.The players don't go out and make it up,come up with a rough idea.Training.Get the runners out stop their advance or to get them advance out format.Play cat and mouse with the runners and outs.Pitching and middle relief.Mastered things raised them in their system to do impossible as ability.They train for multiple tasks.Efficiency was very strict.Players were very desciplined.Desciplined and the coach goes to codes to them and they know even from trade.Set up in field like chess.Board games.Format Pitching pitchers are loaded with managing codes per pitch and to even arc a pitch.These playbook as hitting is playbook.Playbooks become complicated to the team in past history.The things the team wants as a code.Hight of the hit,direction as[3]baseball playsAdded by Queen Armadain pitching and results.Loaded in free agent with playbook and on command can act out plays out of a play book.Pitchers are loaded with archive as hitters and as[4]Playbook plays exampleAdded by Queen Armadaa team.Team is pitching,fielding,batting and baserunning all combined.Beats veteran.What they are loaded with is in aquiring and free agent signing.They as players are loaded and complicated.They are not plain.Getting a rookie they have their previous organization's plays as batter.He training acts out the plays at the plate.Specializes in one.Super computer where the pitchers don't make their own decisions but they can on order.Pitcher specializes in plays to command from codes.These go into the management inside the building network as franchise.But the main commands Manager.View.President[5]baseball playbookcan be a great Manager and Owner.Playbook drawings Format,do it in batting and running.Loaded with potential.Codes and scouting can make plays help in playbook.Hit past a movement slider hard thrown,impossible hit as running plays.Jays fans lack fans from 1900's and that is how teams beat the Jays.60's teams as Twins and Astros,Expansion teams.The Blue Jays are not winning anything because they have not grown a team based on play books plays for each player and then they combine as a team plays.Utility.If Toronto had players that were trained to do stunts and playbook strategy then they would be a great team.Converge.Strikeout.Their bullpen would shutdown teams as a city vs America.That is how much team work demand vs FOX MLB.In baseball the Jays worked to win the World Series like this.A trade team worked from combining all plays from players for play book stretegy that would go into action.Plays must go into action by players.Stunts in pitching.Then the Jays archives of strategy and we only see them in games mixed up for effective plays proven to win.Fulfilling types of tests and achievments lead to effective done plays which means championship and awards.Baseball the offense is not moving like in hockey.Add a player with characteristic plays and attributes when a team is successful like Toronto was,Molitor.Manager playbook manager.Chart for each player with each strategy to fulfill.Over the decades of baseball the strikezone is in thousands per team.Codes is part play,signs.The 1st and 3rd base coaches.Manager is not an innovator.He goes and plays out the structure and orders of the team.He increases levels of play in every category.Different managers,handy man,GM and President.Manager can add like reports to change and alter team in a style.Coaches in strategy layed out in positions chart to studios.Type of player,Blue Jay.Blue Jays will want to be a NL team and to buy one.Florida Marlins could be Toronto in NL.Fill them up with Blue Jays roster and Jays leave AL to NL to Florida to stock them up and t.v. to ON.Buy franchise and run it with Management in order to have that they must have it.This is how to play Pittsburgh. http://www.themillions.com/2011/07/staff-pick-baseball-playbook.html Strength of the club throwing pitches as one club.Power level of whole club using plays to unite the club so its not the pitcher out on his own.Entire club from commentators to the club on each bat,runners,outfield,Pitching.Co-ordination in practicing solid club.Check networking to handoff is properly working.Plays are hand off of plays passed around as a network of the club in function.Focused on players many involved.Commander format as a player is like strategy.There is no military in baseball or police.Strategies.Commander is someone that in strategy can innovate.Baseball is without own decision making.All decisions are made by the club.GM and trades.Trade is on their strategies.To improvise strategy and someone who can enter the strategies and complete it and is great at it.That way the play they do is all more than successful.Players are completing demands from strategies.Demands and codes.Codes are demands.Do many types of slides.Go around base 1 and do variation slide on a particular team.Teams in Majors are all different.Change from team to team to re-align vs them because of where they come from and team put together has different attributes,play level and game and is using the modern version of this against J's.Where they are from is style of area.Slides are different from city to city area to area.Now teams go for players that are made popular from the day they make completions not for how many,for who they do it on too.Switching plays per team and utilize new formation.Ball leaves the bat in play.Baserunner advances to base to become scored.Hitter brings in a runner on base how got base he was at the plate.Types of hitters.Triples mean leave runner on base and score but wait down lineup for a hitter to drive him in.Lineup.Some in lineup will be consecutive but with playbook we can make consecutive scoring happen on every team best team in league.Pitcher starter is meant to limit runs so team is winning,not in the game.In the game modified team to have scoring.They do things deliberately,hit double and get men on base.You can pick selection of ways to score though.You don't have to go with grand slam all of the time.Clean the bases with double and triple.Grand slam got pressure from other club.Slug out and then pop out,ground.Middle relief shuts down the door.They eliminate hitters as catcher's job is elimination hitters signals throughout club.Main signals from coaches.On field who receives main signals from coaches.I guess Shortstop and then a fielder.Many zones of defense,infield and outfield and in between area.Behind the catcher and Pitcher's mound.Foul out zones.Starters low ERA's for succesful club.They take the load off the bullpen.It goes to the setup man and closer.Starter takes up many innings and complete games.J's are not doing complete games.My favourite pitchers are Mark Gubiza,Mike Moore,Tim Burke,David Cone,Dave Stieb,Duane Ward and Tom Henke,John Wetteland.Watching the Expos and Cubs,Pirates,Mets,Reds and Giants of late 80's and they would shutdown offenses using pitching.Then gold glove fielding and infield.Astros.Starters successful do not rely on fielders and eliminate the batters themselves.When a club has built a defense for them then they use them for outs..Raising players that have not been filled up with plays to have this done by the Big League club to have them grown on these plays but have skills and abilities,and are a rank or leader.Fill in many ranks with high ranks for a team.Power hitters flyouts outfield.Pitcher and outfielder plays towards power hitter.Infielders can get powerhitters ground out.And even ground pitcher and catcher.Breakings and they will pounce on them for homeruns.Go high velocity to get them out.Slugout.Catcher setup call high velocity.Nerve busters.Lack of high velocity.Keep curve out of strike zone but high.Breaking low catch corners lower strike zone.Effectiveness fishing after it in dirt.Scouting on batters slugout in strike zone tails away out.Get this pitch without any balls.Tail away even low and high.Pound inside pop up.Thrown strike but won't swing because hard thrown would be a popup out.Utilize infield.Catcher to infielders have good eyes watching pitching.Tailing away.Captain fnfield.Infielders watching all pitching action and catcher with batter.Having a game on 3rd base and 1st and even Short.Catcher is a radar dish antenna.Receives from entire team and outfield constant.Dialogue with pitcher in what he finds out about hitters and runners.High velocity.Many types of high velocity from all parts of North America and international.Pitch thrown at 90plus fastball.Many teams use their outfielders to watch pitching at the catcher.Players and the stands and on field.Watching.Composure.Pitcher and fielder movement.Pitch breaking infield position on corners hitter get on top of the ball.League basics in defense offense playbook.60's playbook Format.Start from basics all great teams 60's and basic team formations.They can use that make a format afterwards,get innovative and creative.60's pitches concentrating on offseed.Pitchers and what type of pitcher.Pitcher that memorizes and practices in computer simulation and throws.The catcher then can be a reference.The entire game in his mind gone over by coaches.Practice throw to see what he would do,warm ups.Make use of practice.Pitcher that relies on catcher then is a fly ball pitcher or a strikeout pitcher.Commander on mound with innovation.Go over things with the coaching staff.On simulator they want to see.Pitcher can make his own decisions raised minors.During the playbook he can act out the plays being on it and to make his own decision which is not better than play but to improvise.He can use the plays like a pitch and swing.Using it ike tactics.Make his own decisions with plays like his bat is tactics swing pitches tactics pitches.He can decide to strikeout someone result and bring in batters when impossible.Own decsions constantly running on this.Many leaders and many can fall back on tactics.Teachings tactics training.Not finding something better but adding to tactics.That's how they get them out and stay low ERA.Batters lead they want triple better homerun.Mind is in thinking of tactics and hitting homeruns,control where he hits his homeruns to make homerun a play.Player development.Playbook.Trained to play in AL to these teams and the way they hit and pitch,defense.Rhythm being a chart.Trained into their rhythm player development,Hall of Famers when tactics are above level.Scouts maintain training and computer simualtion training.Ready them for Majors.Adjust to every team no blunders.Training minors.Homeruns wear and tear on players,RBI producer when a veteran.Young to do as much as possible or conserve before stiffness of being in 30's for hitters and pitchers.Play past 40 but not wasting yourself.Playbook overall managing Conservation{format}.But youth you can hit better than old veteran.Hit smartly.Many batters can be smart batters.Smart pitchers.Captain and Commander in baseball.Power level ratings form from reports and scouting stats.Proven watching and video with stats.Difficult for hits direction in stats but a chart of spray to parts field playbook.Levels in pitching.Each pitch the club is going with.A club goes with special type arsenal of pitches.You can have trick ball offspeed.Specialist pitchers and the trade.Specialist trained in throwing types of pitches the club wants.Bar in zone is lit up for strike zone hot and cold areas.Pitching this is where the pitches go.Go inside on cold trajectory goes in hot.Hitter unsuspect of curving action leave cold area and curve into hot.Power levels in pitch selection.Power levels of the club behind the pitcher.Pitcher provides strength and conditioning.Curve when hit into outfield as out.Direction and setup of outfielders and which ones are alerted from what pitch.Hittable pitches.Fly out pitches and ground out pitches to strikeout pitches.Many selections types of fly outs curve out line out outfield.Sky rocket and warning track.Deliberate.Signs accumulate within time out.Attacking with pitchers meaning limit the ERA so all you need is scored runs from completing plays on other teams,got a few and its a win.Do this 20 times.Teams designed that when the bats or plays are cold the long ball for 3 run and they win 3 to 1.Types of pitchers.Pitchers with higher than 3 ERA's are usually on powerhitter teams for slug outs.They are .500.Hittable pitches and for outs if effective.Depending on team homerun offense.Hit out means something is malfunctioning in pitching.Means homeruns and offense is in and getting blasts.Loading bases.These are like errors.Over 3ERA is errors in pitching.Errorless pitcher is below 3 ERA 20 game winner.Pitcher is trained to throw a type of pitch in reports of club on all teams they play and rivals.Player developement.Pitchers show talent and throw these pitches.Trained to throw a booming inside corner fastball because its Boston's weakness.Signals and judgement they go back on this in game vs rivals.Study rivals reports on them put it in minors.Curve breaking diet.And to be trained to throw it on strikezone on rivals teams.Overall Boston's weakness in decades was to secondary pitch.His pitch is modified and structure of his pitch is meat of sandwich and is changed up to be effective pitch in majors.Things by club are added.Order up for these pitches.Consistant because of the club and his originality of going out in hafl part of season and using tactics,playbook to his judgement.Judgment and leadership is up.He with his training is learing to use tactics and signs to his advantage.Pitcher is too.Wider prospective instead of narrowed down and bleak.Open full of answers and options pick effective options.Playbook means parts of the team on a chart woriking as a network.Infield and go to a line to outfield and pitcher.Broken up in sections of force of players.Not just infield.Shallow and deep are connected to pitcher and types of pitches he throws for flyouts.They don't just play shallow or the shift.Its catered to the players in AL and assumption of scouting on NL.Its designed on each player in batting order facing.Pitchng and OF and fielding have relation as on a rhythm chart.Spray from pitches hit for outs.Because of the ball and plays having players activate in infield and outfield and during a play when the ball is blasted to outfield infielders search ball for outfielders,Outfielders are in position but sway in a pattern not what the ball is doing strictly its what is on the chart.Players can't sway out of the plan and chart because in coaching this is blunder and how blunders happen.Disobey rules playbook.That is opposite coporal in making own patterns to what the ball is doing.Play should have been picked.You'll have your players all over the place and throwing off line.Strength of club is playbook and tactics.Go to tactics when change to shake off a play unpredictable.Commander.Tactics in fielding and infield.Numbering all players and oufield.1,4,9 in playbook.Hit past pitcher and past 2nd to RF play.RF to be in a twirl.Because Outfielders based on spray of batting.Spray charts make plays for defense and offense.Spray offense plays.Combination plays.When in computer they have annalyzed a club they then use effective combinations of plays to throw off the opposition.Contact in batting and in pitching for outs.Batters that obey the base coaches signal as reference codes.A plan was planned on computer simulation practice and coaches.Training to get them to control hitting but in minors plant it on upcoming J so they don't spread it leak from trade and free agency.Control hitting and to face rival Toronto pitchers.Training staff with coach and some young rookies to put together real practice and go to the pitching machine.Outfield combinations to make the batter hit it to part of the field.Batting a batting cage setup up with computer graphics of hot and cold zone and swing like a baseball simulator .Ball has been hit over infield and is to 3 players in outfield as hope for out.They can be confident outs,Fly and lineout and warning track.Batter does a tactic to guard the plate,clubs positioning of batter adn to get him to do his defensive batting for offense.Lots of plays like on bases combined with batting protect plate mode.This is what your forcing the opposing pitcher and fielders to do from guarding the plate.Batter wants to hit control his hitting.Inside or out,front and back.They got the batters box.Now swing and batters eye.Slam pitch up middle of to right.Pitcher to make spray outs plays.Club has their own playsbooks.Catcher does not call the game the commander on the mound calls the game.Best prospective and expert in what to call up and what the club wants.Break out of this firm strength fall prey to being batted around and runners on base.Go back from tactics back to format.Playbooks is Format.Spray outs is Format.On the mound Format.Police is brought in in sports to play a role on format as an athlete.Select players for their intelligence and strength for format and tactics.Player carries teachings and training tactics.AL club they can research format from Marlins for AL club as J's to do NL format.Expansion for format.They don't need an NL All -Star Team by the league.Format is done by Marlins and J's can change modes for seasons vs their rivals.Follow the procedures.The Jays could learn what impro is.Impro is when in practice only they all wear headsets to train themselves as a team with co-ordination and to get used to doing play.You must force team to do plays,they are'nt natural or with luck.Trainng and practice and to go to the microphones.Now they can communicate and receive codes from manager in practice games.Then in a game they have practiced.Bring old World Series Jays or Blue Jays Alumni be part of this.Manager gets going.Pitcher and catcher miked.A team fluctuates in season play as many teams have trick pitcher specialists for the J's and many more teams.Players strikeout with high numbers and caliber as that is baseball.To make a team meaning when your players go cold from intense pitching they are getting and diet the smaller group of 3 players are hot and hitting and reverse.Group in lineup goes hot vs types of pitching and copes and adapts to pitching in AL and World Series NL which is not as AL.Brewers were closest to a NL team and KC Royals are.Headsets to master at the plate and talking to manager and hitting coach while hitting.Get his swing adjusted or in minors adjusted to crush a anti "J'" pitch.Problems and diet the J's have problems with during the season.Asking and talking codes til they master this and take off the microphones and go into game trained.1 - Pitcher

2 - Catcher

3 - First baseman

4 - Second baseman

5 - Third baseman

6 - Shortstop

7 - Left field

8 - Center field

9 - Right field                                                                               They need the city of Toronto behind them.Power of the City Hall but Jays fans are rest of Canada and North America.Predictability and to score.If you can predict where an out is scoring.Bass music in rock songs but baseball songs like Winger "Time to Surrender" is plays.Offense and defense.Focus on hitter.They want him to jump on a type of pitch they scouted.J's are in wrong areas and don't read Dickie well.Those are not doubles but outs.You can talk baseball language to him to get the ball ground ball with breaking pitches.Know fly ball and ground ball types and pitchers.Specialty pitcher he goes 3rd or 2nd rotation.You must blow away the hitters with high velocity in types of starters.Throw them off.Catch on too too much offspeed too predictable,scoring.What do you want out of Dickie.What pitches and what can you go to when J's pitchers break down.Median in handbook.President as backup coach.Orders are orders.Use some J's of 70's and John Mayberry.Greg Zaun as manager.System to bullpen.Parts of the hands of cards and games.Think of many games in baseball.60's they used to use a system.Manager is a system.Director to the established systems like bullpen.Each run on their own.Join together.Toronto must not hit out.Need to get a lead and use pitching to cover the lead.2 to 4 runs only.Yankees chopped on their lead Vernon Wells under Yankees system.He could read J's.He though went on Yankees orders.What system is best of Toronto as its first.Success.Diet they give Toronto hard offspeed pitches.Fastballs.Hitters philosophy change to Toronto and what diet the league and parts league give to them and their rivals.Need to employ people like this that managers and many more coaches.Players have patterns they follow and can do.OF.IF.Pitching.Batters develope a pattern in the way club gets them to hit.Minors they train this pattern.And homegrown players train to club's emergency stages.Pattern in OF could work against some teams.Then they go to ordinary and club instructions."Club""SeriesCircuit"Circuit for pattern.Pitching patterns of fastballs and curves and what they give.Pitchers chart and computers.Upload.Batters spray and opposition playing against 2nd at bat from hit or homerun.Change and re-align and a card game change.Coach being in management.Pattern.Natural and club orders.If they can't do that the Yankees and White Sox go to ordinary fielding position where player with no speed can always get fly out from his positioning.Not predict and experts are coaches.Pattern and orders to do club's protocal.From past,50's upgraded 80's.Decades being similiar in plays and joining them.Upgrade.Plays are very old as the game.50's and 60's specialize in categories.As each decade.Diet.Hitters have opposite diet.Hitters have bunches hits.Homerun swing is swing your head off in a clean swing,retain swing and postioning.Home grown players have no confusion and bred on playbook demands in game per team.They are taught offensive and defensive combos.Pitcher combos to throw off opposition.Bred players have more time in the minors to memorize.A baseball player memorizes plays and acts them out.Physical plays and plays on drawing board.Toronto needs experts coaches that understand this as NL and AL play this at rank levels.Out fielding handed down.IF is handed down.Pitching is handed down as batting.Club phylosophy.Median and standard ratio and for batting.A Blue Jay batter swings high and 2nd time swings drop batthead reach.Then batting order swings for an Oriole cutter high for homerun.Orders done by biggest computer management.Training and computer simulation training.Habit to a practice.Spend on computer simulation.Understanding.But if schools teach,Bigs is employment to know requirments to aim to be foreman{coach}.Practice.Play that beats teams.Archives and records.Security.ON the AL and in playoffs.Reports turned to drawings.Explain yourself in codes as coach.Trade and go roster computer playbook on all players,levels and where spray chart and for pitchers.Hitter and pitcher spray chart know the players more than they explain from being observed by experts and photage.Rewind and go over this into playbook coach explain himself in computer graphics upload.Talk in simulation trainiing.Median outfield J's vs Whitesox play deep,Center is on a wedge to wall,LF and Right are closer and on the lines.Predict and loaded plays.Getting a player to makeup something is like a Captain.Plays predict as keep neck and neck with Majors.Median.Improvise.Get out their plays in league play to see what they can do in playoffs.Predict them.Scouting.Pitcher J's to throw breaking ball R.A.Dickie to get a fly out specific part of Center flyout.J's Club.Combination of plays are pitching a combo of pitches like breaking,cutter and fastball in parts strikezone or same place but in combo get moving.OF run back back peddle read play and cutt off the ball and throw to cutt off man or IF.Hitting with baserunner looking for fastball and controlling your hitting.Control hitting control OF and fielding.Combo of hits and slices and where the pitch location and what pitch.Link the fielding with offense and pitching.When you hit drive in runs the pitcher changes levels.He goes to another command.They are capable of throwing many levels and ways.Hitting high scoring or for Toronto to win runs number.Rhythm of team during game.Pitching/hitting,fielding/base running rhythm.Then the OF changes and can go from cold to hot upon command.Play level of team hot and cold as orders or parts OF and then to batting.OF and fielding is level and batting is streak.Containing levels of play also with patterns of play.Batting patterns.Go high scoring opponent counters.Hot and cold is a play.Combo.Pitching OF and fielding combo.Pitch combo is the pitcher's aresenal.He then has to make the pitches into a combo to fool hitters from the catcher adn from the Manager.Pitcher and his arsenal of pitches.So many and pitcher to mix and match from his judgement.But in Major's he is doing what the club wants him to throw with some improvisation like a commander.What are the pitches to expect?How they can find out from spy.Free agent or spy.Its a secret from manger won't tell unless you see them and its too late.Batter is offset and needs batting aid.Batting is the same as pitching in not knowing what type of hit the batter will hit.Contact and drives outfield.Fear of homerun swing unpredictable too.But a pitcher knows his location and that is where the batter must swing.Combos and location to manipulate the batter,manager wants this.Location can backfire from homerun swing.Catcher and his signals are for location.Catcher combos.Breaking and fly out to IF control.Controlling the opposition hitting by what type of pitch and windup is legal to throw.Given right to pitching and even out as fielding.Batting is contact and then the swing your head off clean swing homerun swing aim strikezone.Computer simulation in coaching.They get a hitter for or grow a hitter for the direction he can hit in his spray chart.And for pitcher his spray chart and strikezone.Direction of the ball.Combos to confuse opposition.Done by scouting and pre-planned.Tested out in practice.Now they use simulator to test them out from real experience.Proven fact get a pitcher to get this into his rhythm.Combo pitching to confuse hitters.Combo spray chart and for pitching.Each hitter must go up and command hit base hit to direction and hit for the cycle in practice but to see where they hit.Hit a triple on baseball simulator.Get a pitch from game recorded.Jot down what the opposition does x and 0's.Chore by each coach.Types of players.Defensive offense and players just offense and defensive players.Pitchers like flyball and mix of strikeout.Rhythm.Hitters like a spray hitter,power and doubles and triples.Hitting decisions fluctuate in combos per player.Manager and coaches use reports to decide how they want their hitting.Who goes up on which pitch count is rehersed.Practice and now with computer baseball simulation.When and what and then signals from manager.Rhythym.Hit triple and double and what direction from scouting.Parts strikezone and what you get from each part as in hitting.Hitters many swings.Gone over.Practice they bat at possible pitches from pitching machine.Contact instructed to a batter.From reports from many coaches.Many directions and for pitching.Types and dimensons of ball parks effect play of teams that shift and shape around their plays.Their pitchers and hitters hit configurated to score.Pitchers pitch fly balls and strikeout ground balls and outs.Pitchers have many parts strikezone as a trade.What pitch you demand from them in combo.Teams success is to have plays for each park as playbook is what the ballpark is based on.What outs and type of hitting and where as flyouts where.Scouting parks and how they are effective and hot and cold players and their starter.OF.IF.Network of stealing signs and learning other teams baseball language with spies,former J's.Setup in stadium network and in the booths and have a share on media perspective for coaching purposes and for the game.Stealing signs for pitching,batting and OF,IF.Manager has a network watching the game for each part of fielding and for pitching in stands reserved for staff seats with equipment.J's should have share on TSN but for the players and help them.Annalysts.More scouting and bought by Toronto.Viewers for J's staff and players.Light equipment web cams.So fans can't see anything.Fans are biggest snitches that scout and change the game for other side.Agents.J's agents.Network all together to get the plays accomplished.Spies are offered money as a deal in trade.They can have chance to be a Blue Jay.Getting military and police as players.And planned where in OF and IF,pitching.Police and players related to police can manipulate umpire and are more aggressive players as agents.They pitch and under a system are awesome.Power live contact and fielding.Consistant.Get hot in playoffs as leaders.Adding authoratative to J's.To even management.Coach.Studying opposing team rations and rhythms and make your team adjust to opposing.You can put them to sleep.Thngs that trigger them to have green light in hot hitting.Spray chart and pitching chart as rhythm of team chart.Fluctuate.That's why agent as players,adjust.Not to trigger as Toronto plays not have them blow the alarm.Boring quick innings.Computer its used with management and coaches.Study opposing player rhythm chart from Blue Jay's archives before game,scouting on the team and individuals.Manager goes after this and directs like commander.Weaknesses.Scouting reports give away how other teams play the J's and in pitching.Team changes configuration per player innings.Pitching batting box and stroke.Approach is given away.That is how they play Toronto by players.Pitcher on mound.Type of batting and change as pitcher changes.Players.Pitching and fieldiing relation to playing a player not team.As a team confuse them combos using players in bunches.Rhythm is from opposing team and your own as a team.Ration of the game and this helps us to predict a game.Ration per inning for a game is a Rhythm.Players adapt to rhythm.Pitcher rhythm see types of pitches and curves from a meter.Meter is president's office.Measures movement in a game.Players then see hitters and pitches.Microphones in parts stadium for teams stats and archives.They have imagery for sports.Watch players to predict them for game.Rhythm is then studied by the team and counter.Timing and players movement per inning.Batting.OF and fielding.Play players and teams.Pitcher correct their pitching as a grown Blue Jay.And with the computer simulator.Swinging a bat but its on a simulator and it has probes as player wears a probe jacket and pitcher a vest.OF and its watched manager.Reviewed replay.Rhythm of the team vs us an our rhythm.Fluctuates in game recorded.Then annalysis is done to make the info into tactics for each position.Learned to change their game and have info and "handbook" on each team they face.Charts and graphs made into drawn out patterns the coaches approach each player on new plays per game.Make crosses and swerving patterns and more complicated on computer on a big screen for the team.Basic archive play format and brand new game plays.Then player memorizes and each time they go in the dug out they reminder and go over.Batting buys them time,inning.It on a simulator is practiced out on each team on their off days,management.Changes the position of the players and their approach,sets of pitches and batting strikes.Pre-done before the game so its not brand new.Simulator.Back in the old days they used to have a simulation game like a practice game.Used minor league for ML players to face something like next games.Players would then go out and act like an opposing team for practice.Batting order is set with a spotter,pointer.DH is eyes of the club to get another batter better sight on pitches.Ears in batting order.They go up with ideas of hitting scouted pitch selection like fisherman.Look for pitches.Police officer and agent as player trained to look for pitch.Swing against types of pitches.Batters grow up instincts swing on types of pitches chart is levels for each hitter.Against the breaking.Fastball hitter.Spotting pitches and sitting down to tell.Reports and charts from coaches,game charts,paper.Guess what the next batter is to get.Trained in minors.Put together a champion team step by step from minors grown players with ideas planted on them and trained.Grow Hall of Famer key playoffs teams.Someone master of all of training by the team.Pitcher or fielder.Defensive swing for hitter.Defensive hits like double and defensive homerun.Mode coaches have the batters on.Conserve.Green light.Tactics as team in hitting in batting order.Trained minors defensive hitter and offensive,modes.Contracts to hold on to secrets of club.Reports help to make  a club's knowledge and archive on other teams and their players,lineup.Team rates the league and pays attention to the teams they are interested in by building reports from scouting,can be done in Rogers Center too.They then have a rating and bio on each player to have the club learn from their level and language about other teams.In baseball talk and in Blue Jay they can explain teams and their theory.That helps in playing against them.When from real numbers and charts you can tell us about each team and what is getting them going.What in pitching world and their bullpen,hitters and fielding.They understand a team full and many teams.They must know the entire league and for interleague.Coaches and the team.When they understand and team they can play them properly help of coaching staff.Train.Players understand many teams from baseball theory and scouting facts and video.Guessing game like checkers.In pitching you have types of pitchers to throw off opposition.Lefty and righty and breaking pitches but in a combo of pitchers.Team picks what combo it want to throw the league and changes the pitching code during the year.Not the same diet.Changed around.Hard throwers put batters timing on fringes.Breaking pitchers wreckup timing too.As offspeed pitchers and get the outs.Hard throwers can go strikeout.Pitchers that can go up high and down low in a rhythm.Part of the team rhythm to predict what other team threw a team.Diet and pitches.Mixed up and juggled up.Not even close to being predicted.Many ways of throwing off the league.Breaking pitchers in a proper set can throw them off.Switching plans.A pitcher can think complicated.Each type of pitcher has a purpose and fitted rotationfrom club training them or alliances keeping them in minors.Batters and where they are hot and where they are cold.Success that they are cold and they can't hit this type of breaking pitches.Arm is saved from throwing in 70's.Breaking pitch pitches save innings and go longer.Hard throwers can go entire game.Going after cold hitters with hard thrower when they transition to hot.Sliders and sinkers,forkballs and fastballs of all sorts.Many coaches on pitching.Juggled around per month and each series and their importance is juggled per team they face.Teams play different.Zones on plate.Hard throwers placed correctly offset and thinking in lefties.Longevity.Fall back on plan for the season broken per month different group of coaches to adjust facing types of teams.Club can defeat them on rhythm for season.Per month.Coaching categories are number 1 to last in another juggled order vs teams in the years.Each league is different and in each division teams that are similiar to each other.Facing Twins and then the Reds and Dodgers.Yankees.Offset timing is not just in hard throwers,offspeed.Breaking ball being out and strikeout pitch for elite.Blueprints.Clubhouse.Trade enter player on blueprints like a peice puzzle to go with the club.Rhythm is unpredictable and you want teams to predict you this way,using machines.Batting power hitter that goes fishing and hard contact goes upstairs.Batting pattern around out of strikezone to also defend not being predictable.When a pitcher can't predict batter you hit and get hot.Juggle your batters that some from a batting ratio or graph,batting chart batters are going after pitchers because a batter can predict the pitcher and club.Batter goes up with his judgement and club's.Keep pitchers on their heels.Where they hit in strikezone and outside.Batting peice of the puzzle that when batters are cold,hot.His hitting is,talk coaches and hitting coach.Hitter is cold go on scouting reports and train to hit in those parts zone.Control their hitting.Contact batter,power hitter,slugger etc...Throwing them off and staying to a batting plan.Change in parts season,bunch of reports and to hot hitters.Trade to aquire a hot hitter purpose when lineup has problem cold vs certain teams.Make a team adjusts.Not empty.Where they swing for their contact and power zones.The entire season and plans broken up in peices and given awarded to each team of coaches.Then in cold streak they go to re-arrange their team and coaching.Plan per month in overall game.Parts like defense and training covered.Manager means they are favouring that part of the game and are going with that type of coach for number 1 overall.Every plan goes secondary unless manager wants it.He is like a director over every category of coaching.Offense and defense broken up and small groups training.Overall team combines all training under Manager for the season.Manager is from more than 10 to 20 even and then this is all 1 or halves.Many parts.Pitching.Pitching rhythm as batting rhythm is when the ball fluctuates.It rises and curves and capture the break of the pitch and diet is speed.Rhythm can be recorded and batting changed.Adjust to the stats.When the team and bullpen and starter divided up.Info and data is rhythm of the team.Put the batter on curved shift in batters box with his back foot anchor.Change directions to hit.Raiser players to the rhythm.Once the team in batting practice used to hitting a type of pitch change the angle of the pitching machine.This thing is important and can simulate offspeed pitches when played around with by coach.Make it to an angle for a part strikezoneor a nozzle changes angle.Manager studies the rhythm.He then plans to counter it with his batting order.He has his pitcher on combinations of pitches for their own rhythm.Mix and match and fact.They can get a team to bat and get nothing on the pitches from offsetting timing.Studying batting rhythm chart and plan the pitcher with coach what type of game plan he is to throw.60 pitches.Each inning.Fact.Powerhitter to get nothing on the ball and fly out as outs.Studying batting areas and swings.Test out cold and hot zones.Figure out a rhythm but cut it per hitter.Change diet to each hitter.Planned with the coaching staff on reviewing watching each hitter and with graphics study them and their hot and cold and playing other teams.Take the replay of batting in other games and make a group to study each hitter and rhythm can predict managing not done by manger,Club's orders.What pitches,positioning of fielding and batters box.And when they play other teams.Players are meant to train and predict other teams in battle of checkers.Predict from making moves.Checkers and having a manager.Player is the checker peice.Each one is labeled a checker peice.And from scouting they want to move a direction from a plan.Checkers rhythm.History of moves and in batting box.Moves and swings.Options to the batter vs pitcher.Pitcher options to go to rhythm.He acts as innovator or commander when there are parts they studied his judgement was effective.3 pitches and go to the manager.Label in the pitch count strategy pitchers decision and clubs.Even catcher.Label and memorize things and do a practice.Use computer technology.Simulators.Batter has a plan he trains.Rhythm.Train to hit pitches high in the strike zone and out of the strike zone.Chances for a hittable pitch in rhythm it reveals and replay these are offense pitches in the strikezone.Batting offense.In the game you'll get this high or out,drop the bat head.In a rhythm for a team it fluctuates per diet of pitches given to a team.Just like a window a team will throw a pitch that is hittable for scoring.Measure the rhythm of a team and you'll get and predict the break and all the hitters know to do is to hit the pitch in hot zone.Position and put players in lineup for the break opportunity.The pitch they want for scoring and they have the hitters to go up and swing predictable or defensive hard swing.Defensive catches alot of the ball,like a slow swing but fast with power.Break or window.Many windows or break when bullpen.Predict the pitches and whereabouts.And mistake pitches.Scouted.Measuring the rhythm team of coaches and coaches for archiving data.Pitch in the hot zone of our team's hitters.Predictable rhythm and for the years and every series.To be great at jumping on ball and putting it out or triple.Swing and players know but are reminded by manager or batting coach.Team does the hitters homework as they do for pitching to make it fractional battle to remember.Do three-quarters thinking.All from scouting and each inning.Practice they go up and swing for that pitch.Swing in the hot zone.Reach for runs.Train and the code from base coach greenlight and to hold defensive.Defensive hack for homerun. Coach gets the signal from whos on a monitor.Keep track what pitches and count.Now your're getting the outside pitch from his control,drop the bathead and reach for it,and its gone.Methods of annalyzing team rhythm.Break it in parts.Teach players.Pitches will get the code its a break on batting batlle.Win with the effective pitch from clubhouse or President.Pitchers mind is full.To use the club to handle alot of the 70 pitches,simple code that tells him.From dugout and rehearsed.Dugout every 10 pitches.Take the load off.Pitcher scouts hitters from mound other infielders.Get the code to throw a pitch in a location that's all.Decision has been made.Pitchng team to study his rhythm.Club alumni to change diet in parts of the game Pitcher can change his pitching rhythm and diet of pitches.Re-arrange.Batter has plan.Pitcher knows about mistake pitches and alternate plan when contol problems on a pitch.Go to another that works that night.Catcher is like a pitching Dr.He studies how each pitch is and tells the coaches.Coaches have a plan on other team.A team goes to the past and what to do,manual Alumni.Batting practice to practice codes and check swing and hold back.Greenlight for power.Practice power and base hitting,contact hitting.Spray chart.Batter looks at his control and what pitches he hits.Look for the pitches from a pitcher,hunting and helped by the club to find the pitch.Stay defensive swinging and contact.Defensive swings are swings but to hold back.Transition from defensive swing to free homerun swing.Don't hold back.Caught the pitcher. A team has to be able to annalyze what is happening to them vs teams.They have an approach.A team is vs their structure vs each other.Structure vs structure.A team that comes back is able to guess when a team is weaker and use their power and hot zones vs them.Their plan vs another team.Must come up with a stronger plan.Specialize in categories like better pitching meaning a better plan.A team with a powerful lineup and powerful plan or manager.Mix and match rubix cube.Shift and guess when they are weaker in innings.And who to send out when sense a weakness.Or to have a stronger structure into the game.More solid than other team.Then when two team are solid they figure out when other team gets weak innings or their weakest.Then they counter with players.Pitching tries to win and with the defense keep low score or none.Batting can score.Other team is under in runs and innings are ticking away.Team plan structure and lineup structure.And a team that can guess every teams weakness and effectively score and pitch them.Game plan as a memory,coaches and archives.Good great archives.Go into each game more solid that other team.Neck and neck but a team has has a mixed balance that is not predictable.Mixed and match lineup.Some players get hot when others are cold.In a game you want at least 4 players or 3 hot in order to be a champion.Fluctuate in cold as season goes by.Team ethics and secrets.Rest of the league is guessing you.Force weakness and hit power.When they are beginning the game to score with hot players.Out dual them.Score or make blood and keep the lead,bullpen.Consistant plan.Consistancy can beat a solid structure.Fundementals.And for errorless ball that each inning like a rubix cube is locked,meaning plans are locked.No one can read the team coaching.Weakness reading coaching.Signal to score.   http://www.bluebirdbanter.com/# Category:

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