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2005 World Series

"Palmero over the head of Jenks. Uribe charges he throws and out! The White Sox have won the World Series!"

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This website was started on July 2, 2008. It is about everything and anything to do with the Chicago White Sox.

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Yes it is true even this site has some rules. There are only three rules.

1. No Copy Writing. That is the number one rule of this site.

2. No Swearing. We want a clean website here at Chicago White Sox Wiki.

3. No Editing The Main Page. Only The Man of Halo Wars, White Sox Manager and Number 37 may edit the main page.

If you break one of these rules you will recive a message saying that you will have fourty-eight hours to fix the error. If you do not fix the error with in fourty-eight hours your profile will be banned for any where between one to seven days.

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Ozzie Guillen


Bobby Jenks: What's Happening

Big Bucks for What?

2005 World Series

Designated Hitter

Chance for the Post Season

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July 3, 2008
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A special article that Number 37 will edit each year for Independince Day!
July 3, 2008
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